Monday, December 31, 2007


These are studies of Geetika's dog Zep. Dalmations are quite fun to draw because of their elegant bodies.

Mr Lalit Kumar Srivastava

This is pretty close to what I think Srivastava ji would look like.

Exploring the look of Lalit Kr Srivastava

These are some exploratory sketches for Srivastava ji. The idea is to get the look of a content, middle class man living in a small town of Northern India. A little about the story of "Lalit Kr Srivastava ji ki Katha". Basically Srivastava ji is a guy who never takes off his helmet. This is one reason why helmet is so prominent in all the drawings.

Scooter Study sketches for Mr Srivastava

I was trying to draw Mr Srivastava with his scooter when I realized that I dont know how to draw a scooter. Thats when I did some sketches of scooters to familiarize myself with scooter particularly Bajaj Chetak because thats what Lalit Kr Srivastava ji rides.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bhalo Theko

These are some inspirational sketches for a proposed animated music video for Allan's band. The song is called Bhalo Theko which literally means 'Stay Well'. In video we'll show a leafless tree which uproots itself and then travels all around the world only to come back to the spot he started from.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Imitating Dog

Some character studies from a film which never got made. I do hope to make this film someday, its called "The Imitating Dog".

Inder at Foosball table

This is Inder kicking everybody's ass at the Foosball table!!